Jail House Blues - Hal and Honey Abbott ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jail House Blues - Hal and Honey Abbott

Here is a comedic dance routine by Hal Abbott and Honey Abbott from the short film "Woody Herman and His Orchestra" from 1938.

Mostly they dance shag but they also do tap dancing and some charleston kicks. I'm not sure but they could also be dancing Peabody (1:14-1:24), can anybody set me straight?

I think that the solo footwork that Hal Abbott does in the very last seconds of the video clip is really amazing. Wow.

Can anyone tell me more about Hal and Honey Abbott?

What do you think of Hal and Honey Abbott dancing to Jail House Blues? Please comment.


Holly said...

Thanks Henrik, this was an awesome clip! Time to dust off those tap shoes :)

Henrik said...

Hi Holly!

Yeah, pick up your tap shoes!

I'm happy you liked the video clip. :)