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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pustoblogsky - James Pustejovsky

There aren't many blogs that focus on swinging jazz and djing, at least I haven't found many.

Therefore I was very happy to discover Pustoblogsky by James Pustejovsky that has the tagline:

"Music-geekery about jazz, swing, and deejaying tunes that your grandpa thought were hip"

Pustoblogsky has three basic types of posts.

First: dj set lists from when he djs. I like the fact that he sometimes comments about why he put on that particular song at that time and what he was trying to achive. Set lists are a great way to find artists that you never heard about before. I would post more set lists myself if I had a laptop to dj from (*hint hint*).

Secondly: Under the label One Track Mind you'll find detailed descriptions about a certain song and why he likes or dislikes it.

Third: Well, all the other stuff: rants, raves and musings.

Go ahead an check out Pustoblogsky, if you like my blog, you'll like his as well.

What do you think of Pustoblogsky? Are there any other blogs that you think I should check out? Please comment.


James said...

Hey Henrik, Thanks for mentioning me!

Henrik said...

I hope you get a lot of new readers!


Haydn said...

Great blog, thanks Henrik. So that's Sydney, Uppsala and Chicago so far. Neat!

Henrik said...

Great to hear from you Haydn!