Sweden Balboa Weekend starts today ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sweden Balboa Weekend starts today

Sweden Balboa Weekend starts tonight. It'll be three days packed with lots of fun and lots of hard work.

We have a great lineup of teachers: Peter Loggins and Mia Goldsmith; Laura Keat & Jeremy Otth; Kate Hedin & David Rehm and Joana Ekeström and Andreas Olsson. I really looking forward to learn from them.

People are coming in from Denmark, Finland, France and Russia. It's great to see that the camp is becoming more and more international.

It's also really exciting that the weekend is fully booked. But there's still a chance to get into the dances at night if you volunteer during the weekend. If you're interested you should talk to the organizers at the registration desk tonight at Drabanten.

I hope to see you during the weekend.

Will you be attending Sweden Balboa Weekend? Please comment.

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