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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Peggy Lee and Toots Thielemans: Makin'Whoopee

Makin' Whoopee is a song that seems to invite the artists too have fun with it. Here is three examples. Above is a video clip of Peggy Lee and Toots Thielemans playing with Makin' Whoopee. On a musical side note: It's worth mentioning that Toots plays usually play a chromatic harmonica and not a blues harmonica.

The second example of Makin' Whoopee is by Eddie Cantor. Eddie Cantor makes this the eyerolling version of the song, complete with some chorus girls.

I saved the best for last: You can't but smile when you see Shirley Bassey and Henri Salvador singing Makin' Whoopee. There seems to be such affection between them.What do you think of the three version of Makin' Whoopee?

Which one is your favorite? Please comment.

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