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Monday, September 22, 2008

Quebe Sisters Band: "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie"

Western swing isn't a style that I feature very often on the blog but here is a nice version of "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" by The Quebe Sisters Band. The sisters; Grace, Sophia and Hulda; plays fiddle and sings in harmony.

"It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" was written in 1936 by Billy Mayhew and the most played versions of the song are probably by Fats Waller. I can't find much information about Billy Mayhew, can anyone help me?

Listen to Fats Waller's version.

What do you think of The Quebe Sisters Band? Please comment.


Anonymous said...

the original version of this song was recorded 18-02-36 by Frediie Ellis Orchestra with vocal Seymour Richards for Melotone records nr 6-04-11;
16-03-36 - Russ Morgan Orchestra
26-03-36 - Victor Youn Orchestra
05-06-36 - Fats Waller
17-11-71 - The Ink Spots

colonel snow

Anonymous said...

Thank you fr the info Colonel Snow! :)


Anonymous said...

I made a type error:

the version by The Ink Spots was recorded 17-11-41

colonel snow

Sluggo said...

Jimmy Rushing has a good version on Rushing Lullabies, but my favorite is the Asylum Street Spankers on Murcurial.

Anonymous said...

Because of my education I can'tfind the words to express my absolute enjoyment of hearing and singing the girls on the Monty Stewart show.I never heard of them until then.Please come to Georgia for along visit.

dave said...

I just heard the Quebe Sisters Band for the first time tonight on the Marty Stuart Show and they brought me out of my chair !

What harmony, what fiddle work, WOW.

And with just a guitar and bass, they sound great.

Their style reminds me of the great singing groups from the '40's mixed with a litle Texas Swing.

I am heading out first thing in the morning to buy their album.

Great Sound !


country jack said...

i think the quebe sisters band is the best kept secret that's goin around, be on the alert, 'cause when they hit they will hit big and the splash will be huge.
for a free up-close and personal concert be in greenville, mississippi may 7th, at e.e.bass
auditorium at 3:30pm. all free