Dance picnic with Lennakatten Aug 31st ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dance picnic with Lennakatten Aug 31st

Join me on Sunday Aug 31st at the annual dance picnic that Swingkatten organizes. We take the steam train Lennakatten out to the station in Länna and walks to Kopphagens dansbana where the band Canal Street Syncopators will play swing in a 1930's style.

The train leaves the station Uppsala Östra (Bergsbrunnagatan 2) at 11.25. The ride costs 45 kr for for swing dancers and the fee for the dance is 60 kr.

There will be hamburgers, lemonade and cakes for sale.

The video clip above is made by me from fotage from the very first picnic in 2005.

We made an extra ride with Lennakatten this spring, check out this video clip to see more of Kopphagens dansbana.

Will you join us on Sunday? What do you think of my promotion video? Please comment.

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Doreen said...

Hey, Henrick ... have a great time today!

And, Happy Blog Day -- you're in my 5: