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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Monica Zetterlund - Sakta vi gå genom stan

It's time for some late night music again, this time I'd like to present Monica Zetterlund who was one of Sweden's best jazz singers.

Monica Zetterlund sings "Sakta vi gå genom stan" which is the Swedish version of "Walking My Baby Back Home". The Swedish lyrics was written by Beppe Wolgers. The new lyrics stays true to the original but also pays a tribute to Stockholm as a beautiful summer city.

What do you think of Monica Zetterlund singing Sakta vi gå genom stan? Please comment.


Anonymous said...

Don't know anything else from her but this song for me is a perfect memory of Stockholm from where I just returned - you hear it in your head set when you're sightseeing by bus or boat... (isn't exactly a song for dancing, is it? Or maybe only when you're with your loved one...)

Jack Yan said...

This actually was the first version I heard (before the English one), and I love it.