Black Coffee: Careless Lovers ~ Swing, jazz and blues - Dance to the music

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Black Coffee: Careless Lovers

Do you ever wonder why swing music makes you want to dance? Could it be that infectious rhythm or could it be some else? Something completely different that makes you jitter and do strange moves. Like coffee? Black Coffee? Oh yes.

Check out this wonderful video with the band The Careless Lovers, a band made up of swing dancing musicians from the coffee loving city of Seattle.

The video is the vinner of The 2011 Swing/Jazz Dance Music Video Contest.

I'm particulary happy to spot two Uppsala dancers in the video: Emelie Decavita and Rebecka Decavita, who are currently staying in Seattle.

Another great version of Black Coffee is by the band Six Swingers.

What do you think of the video Black Coffee with the Careless Lovers? Please comment.


Johan Simm said...

Jag förstår att den vann pris som bästa video. Riktigt trevlig att titta på!

Anne Toft said...

it's very nice - I like it :)

Anonymous said...

I like it! It's hilarious and heartfelt video

Rachel said...

It's amazing how popular this video is and yet how difficult it is to track down more of their music. I was able to buy some at Hawkeye Swing festival this weekend becuase Mike was teaching but I'd been looking for it for a while.

Rachel said...

I'm so happy this song and video is so popular! But I'm confused by hw difficult I've found it to find more of their music, I only just found a CD of theirs yesterday at Hawkeye Swing Festival where Mike was teaching.