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Friday, January 7, 2011

Anton Cervin's swing playlists on Spotify

Spotify is such a wonderful service for listening to music as well as discovering and sharing music. I recently published many swing playlists for Spotify.
There are many more people out there who have great playlists. Anton Cervin wrote to me and told me about his Spotify playlists with classic swing music.

His playlists are listed by bandleader and ordered chronologically. He also has a playlist for beginner-friendly swing music.

Take a look at Anton's Spotify playlists with swing music
What do you think of Anton Cervin's playlists on Spotify? Please comment.


Jazz Junkie 22 said...

Spotify doesn't seem to be available in the United States, so is there anywhere else I can listen?

Treaclecustard said...

Great playlists Anton, thank you for sharing! (nice and orderly too unlike my own chaotic usage of spotify!)
looking forward to many hours of listening, playing along and dancing to these,

Gedeon said...


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A lot of thanks.

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Australia said...

love this post about your trip! Helps the time go by a bit faster.