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Monday, July 12, 2010

Jazz Discography Project

The Jazz Discography Project lists jazz discographies from mainly the late 1940s to the 1970s. Its main focus is modern jazz (bebop, cool/west coast, hard bop) but if you search through the listings for the jazz labels like Verve and Pablo etc you'll find swing recordings from artists like Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald.

I think this discography can be useful to find info about swing recordings between 1950 and 1970. Browse through the list of record labels and tell me if you find some gems.

What do you think of The Jazz Discography Project? Please comment.


Pervaiz said...

I visit your blog first time it is so nice. Thanks for sharing this.

Mus14 said...

It is awesome and incredibly comprehensive. Awesome work and I look forward to reading more topics.

Derrick Lockhart said...


Klyntel the band… A Fusion of Groove collectives, best describes this sextuplets of guys. Derrick (D-Boogie), Marvin (MSJR), Curtis (The Seasoning) Paul (The Crooner) Rocphella the drummer and Jabril (Jimmy James) make up the band.

The first cut “Red CoolAde” is sure to please even the most fault finding music critic. The baseline gets your head bobbing and the keyboards wail out a melodious tune that makes you say, “Yeah, this is it!”

On the smooth and side, “My Time” is baby making music at it’s best. Shear buttered perfection. Guys and Ladies you put this song on in the background and have that deep romantic evening planned out, I guarantee you little jr. will be on his way in 9 months.

Not only can these guys play, their vocal abilities remind you of the when singers were singers. No auto tune, just grown & sexy ballads like “Show Me The Way” and “Whether Or Not” reminds me of the Deele when Babyface, L.A. Reid, D-Rock & Kayo used to bring it.

“Toma De’ Negocio” is the Latin driven groove that eerily reminds you of Santana and the West Coast Jazz/Hip Hop instrumental “Puttin’ in Work” will put your amp in overdrive. This is Crenshaw cruising music.

“So Excited” is a catchy jazzy vocal tune that is very Glen Lewis-ish, “I’m so excited, and I cant hide it. Why try to fight it, I need your love” is still stuck in my head.

High Energy, Sexy when it needs to be, and smooth to get you in the mood, Uninhibited: The Groove Collective has something for everyone.

Just good music.