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Monday, April 27, 2009

Frankie Manning has passed away

The legendary Lindy hop dancer Frankie Manning passed away today, Monday morning, in New York, 94 years old.

I first encountered Frankie at my first visit to Herräng Dance Camp. What struck me was his good spirit and his infectious laugh. To me he embodied everything that lindy hop is all about: joy and happiness.

Frankie Manning contributed so much to this world. We will miss you!

Tell me your stories about Frankie Manning! Please comment.


Jill said...

Dear Frankie,

Thanks for everything! You are really an inspiration to me. I loved meeting with you and talking about how much dancing was a part of your life. Thank you for remembering my husband. It was so neat to him that you remembered him and all the details about when you came out to be with us for Harlem Nights. Even though I didn't get my official dance with you, I really appreciate the little shuffle that we had before you left the dance at the Elite Hall. Thanks for the conversations on the way to the airport. I know that you were really tired, but you were so full of stories and energy. I can't believe that I was the one who fell asleep!

Thank you for coming and reminding me that I am a queen. My husband gives me little bows and of course I give him a little swivel in return. I love how much respect you have for women. You are so courteous, generous and kind.

Thank you for the Suzie Q's, for Hellzapoppin', for the Congaroo's, Big Apple, and for your book to help us get to know you a little better. I loved reading it. What amazing experiences you have had. I love jazz and swing even more since reading your book. I can't really say thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With love and appreciation,

Jill "Rosebud", UT

P.s. We miss you!

Henrik said...

Jill, thank you so much for sharing your story.

Bruce Bears said...

Frankie once led a line dance at The Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo Park in Maryland while I was playing with Toni Lynn Washington
He must have been nearly 90 at the time and was still full of energy! My name is Bruce Bears (you may remember me as Toni Lynn Washington’s producer/keyboardist/general handyman…). I’ve been playing with The Duke Robillard Band for a while now and have to give you a heads up on the bands new CD “Stomp the Blues Tonight”… I feel it’s the best CD I’ve played on yet in my career, and I think it may stand up as one of Duke’s best ever! I’m not hyping you either… ”Been so Long” (the CD I made w/ Duke and Toni in 2003) has just been relegated to 2nd place on my personal discography, and that’s saying a lot ‘cause I absolutely adore that CD (and Toni as well of course!)… Love your blog!


Bruce Bears